Monday, April 9, 2007

Alphabetical Quilt-Type List

I found a neat little website that has several patterns, blocks, some quilt history and even an alphabetical list of quilt types. Below is a snippet of the alpabetical list along with a link to the list.

Album Quilt-A quilt assembled from individual blocks, each designed and/or executed by a different person. Album blocks are appliquéd or pieced (or both), and frequently stitched into a quilt by a group for presentation to a public figure to commemorate a special occasion. In the past, blocks often were signed and dated by the maker in India ink or embroidery. Today, special markers are available for signing.

Amish Quilt-Quilts done in the style of the Amish. Usually solid materials in deep hues. Patterns tend to be geometric with intense, heavy quilting, often feathers, scrolls, cables. Click picture for larger view.

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Baltimore Album-A style of album quilt, named for quilts made in Eastern Maryland between 1844 and 1855, featuring ornate appliqué and embroidery blocks.

Bargello-quilts made up of off-set squares of color in a rising or falling pattern. Strips of different fabrics are sewn together, then cut into smaller segments, and pieced together in a style in which there are "waves" or geometric patterns in the design.

Broderie perse-From the French for "Persian embroidery," a technique in which a printed motif, usually a flower or animal, is cut from fabric and appliquéd onto a plain background.....continued here

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