Friday, April 20, 2007

Crown Royal Quilt

is a picture of my Crown Royal Quilt.
About 2 years ago we owned a nightclub and my husband had saved the purple bags that Crown Royal comes in. He had over time collected 30+ bags. One evening my husband Bill asked me if I could create a quilt out of them. I gave the idea a great amount of thought and one day while thumbing thru my stash of quilting books I came across a pattern for a quilt with purple and yellow stars.

There it was my inspiration on how to use these Crown Royal bags. Now purple is not my favorite color so naturally I had my doubts. The pattern was perfect for the bags and the quilt was beautiful when I finished it. It is now one of my favorites and although I have had offers to sell it I just cannot bring myself to part with it.

Now I have a problem I hope one of you can help me with. I misplaced the pattern and magazine it was in. I have someone who wants to make a quilt like this but I am of no help, as I can’t remember where the pattern came from.

Can anyone out there help me? Any help or information would be appreciated.

-Betty Davis