Monday, April 9, 2007

A question about Pfaff sewing machines

I have a question about the new creative fabric mover from Pfaff. I need to hear from you if, you have purchased and or tried out one of these at a dealership. I now own a pfaff which is about 15 years old and although it has served me well it is dying and I am so interested in this fabric mover for doing free motion quilting on smaller projects here at home. I live over 2 hours drive away from my nearest dealer and can't seem to find the time during the week to get there and try one out. I would love to hear your feedback.


Anonymous said...

I have tested the fabric mover at our local dealership, and I recommend you don't waste your money. Although you are working on small projects, I believe the fabric mover will still not be worth the cost. The actual working space is quite small and if your project is bigger than the fabric mover, you will still have the weight of the quilt pulling over the edges. I recommend you buy a good, high or medium end machine and invest the money you would have spent on the fabric mover on a good sewing table where your machine is recessed. If your needle plate is level with the sewing table surface, and the table is fairly large, you will have a much easier time free-motion quilting.

I hope this was helpful! Happy sewing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the fabric mover, but this I will tell you,
I have a Pfaff and a sewing tble. I fine for thing the Pfaff sewing machine, to be a VERY great machine and the extention table that I bought with the machine to be worthwile in the completion of a quilt, using the free motion espically.
Hope this too is helpful and may you continue to have many happy days quilting!

Anonymous said...

I have used Pfaff machines for a number of years and they are excellent machines. I have just bought the 2144 embroidery machine.
I do not feel that the money spent on a fabric mover is worth the cost at this time, get a large sewing table to hold the weight of the quilt, use the gloves and the large darning foot and with practice you can do the free motion quilting . It just takces practice, practice, practice.